Host chat programs tailored at solving tech career and business related problems

Information Space

  •  A social network created for hosting chart programs tailored at solving tech career and business related problems. 

Why Host a Chart Forum for your Program?

  • Structure your discussions, documents and media based on different topics 
  • Get shareable URL to show case your work to the world
  • Solve global problems
  • Reach out to more people outside your personal contact

Who is it for?

  • Tech career and related professionals 
  • Business professionals leveraging on technology
  • Profit and non-profit organizations interested in hosting tech driven programs
  • Individuals inspired to host tech career and business programs

How to Host a Chart Forum

  • Login
  • Click on host a chart from the link above or from your menu
  • Fill the form
  • Start a discussion by creating a topic on the forum created
  • You can now access your forum from your timeline
  • See the quick steps below


  • Parent Forum: means the new forum is part of an existing forum; choose the forum name from the drop-down or leave blank; if it is a new forum
  • Status open: Allow discussion
  • Status close: No more discussion
  • Forum Type: Choose forum; to create a new discussions, category means not for discussions
  • Public; everyone, including non login users
  • Private; login users
  • Hidden; visible to people with the discussion link only

How to access my chart forum

  • Click on join discussions via the link above or from your menu
  • Search for your forum name
  • Start a discussion by creating a topic

Quick Steps To Access Your Discussions

  • Login
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Choose timeline from the drop down menu to access your Personal Page
  • From your page, you can manage your (Timeline, Profile, Connections, Photos, Notification, Messages,  Forums, Documents, Email invites, Accounts)
  • Click on forums to access your discussions pages
  • On the forum page, click my discussions; if you created a topic Or my replies if you replied to a topic, Subscription if you subscribed to forums, topics, and my favourite for your favourite topics

Connect with Tech Professionals

From Your Timeline

  • Click on personal to post updates,
  • Click on following to view your followers updates, 
  • Click on mentions for people that tagged you in a post
  • Click on connections to view people you are connected to
  • Click on Groups if you are currently enrolled in a live class