Product Management Journey: Changing Roles In A Changing World.

In This Piece, You’ll Learn

  • What is Product Management?
  • Different types of Product Management.
  • How to scout for opportunities to gain experience as an early stage Product Manager
  • Harnessing mentorship for your PM journey

What Is Product Management?

It’s a very broad field, but at its core, it’s about managing the product life cycle. This means you are responsible for making sure that your product meets its goals and delivers value to the customers.

It can be hard to describe exactly what this means, but here’s an attempt:

Product Managers are responsible for making sure that businesses deliver value to customers by creating and managing products that solve customer problems.

Does That Ring A Bell? Let’s Break It Down Even Further

Product Management is all about developing products that solve real problems for customers. A good Product Manager has deep knowledge of the market, competitive landscape, customer needs and wants (including their wallets), and how technology can impact these things.

Does this seam like something you’ll easily fit in? Do you picture yourself creating great products that people love? Then you should read on😎

PMs must also have excellent communication skills, both internally with other teams as well as externally with customers, partners and vendors.

This includes being able to build relationships with key stakeholders inside and outside the company and make decisions based on data-driven analysis.

They also need to be able to understand how all this fits into the broader goals of their organization. For example, if they are working for a start-up, then they may need to help grow the company quickly or if they work for an established company then they may need to help develop new products that can compete against other established companies in their industry or market sector.

Sounds Fun Right🌚, It Even Gets Better!

The beauty is that there are many ways to get into product management as they come from various backgrounds. Yes, think of the most traditional job transiting into a PM🤔 Yup, you’re right, it’ll fit.

Types Of Product Management Include:

  • Design-Focused Product Management
  • Business-Focused Product Management
  • Customer-Focused Product Management
  • Engineering/ Technology-Focused Product Management

How Then Do You Become A Great PM As An Early Starter?

Well this is where most of us get stuck, but does the word “MENTOR” ring a bell? If it does, you seemingly know the good life🤩.

However, if you’re still yet to enjoy the benefit of such support, find your way to the FAVOREDONLINE website (favoredonline.com) and get matched to an expert support/mentor tailored to your part. Speed up your experience and career journey in good time.

Although Your Path Will Depend On Your Background And Goals, Here Are Some Ways To Get Started With No Experience

  1. Mentorship
  2. Find startups that have already raised money from investors and meet the founders. This could be by attending events where startups pitch their ideas
  3. Provide value to those startups by being helpful, contributing your own ideas, and learning from them along the way.
  4. Product Manager Intern – A hands-on role where you’ll work closely with the founders and other team members on day-to-day responsibilities related to product development (e.g., creating user flows and wireframes).
  5. Gain experience working closely with an early-stage startup (or even a non-profit). These organizations often need help developing their products and services. With this, they’re willing to take on extra employees who are passionate about what they’re doing — even if those employees don’t have formal training as product managers yet.
  6. Get hired on at an established company as an entry-level product manager (if you don’t have any experience yet). Once you get hired, work hard and prove yourself until you can move up the ladder into more senior roles over time.
  7. Start where you are, take online certifications, take paid sessions that’ll avail you a foot in the PM circles. Network and take up freelance projects that show your interest for particular products.

Product management is a very exciting and challenging career path. If you have ever dreamt of being part of the team that creates products that millions of people use every day, then product management is for you!

The upcoming Advanced Product Management Training will equip you with the skills needed to become a successful Product Manager. It doesn’t matter if you are already in the field or just starting out, this training will help you build a career in product management.

What Will You Learn?

  • This course is focused on giving you practical skills that will help you get started in product management. You will learn:
  • What makes a good product manager
  • To become more strategic by learning PM processes
  • Learn how to manage expectations with stakeholders, users and developers alike.
  • Hands-on experience working on real-life projects as part of a team of other students from across the globe.

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  1. Exactly! This sums it all up. Mentorship is key to success in any industry most especially in the tech world. No amount of DIYs and YouTube videos can help you achieve the fast growth rate and professionalism that MENTORSHIP will.

    1. Tailoring to the right channel..is the real deal..you can basically have knowledge about some skills, in recent time we learn in various ways and channels..we have so much skills embedded in us..for example finding your self in a marketing class..know ones goes into marketing without an idea on how to market but still we still need to enroll why? Bcos new principles, approaches, skills are discovered and developing that will help and put you and your product in a better place , channel and vision.

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