How autonomous driving systems operate and possible career paths

[post-views] In today’s Dissecting Technology, we’ll talk about self-driving automobiles and their potential career paths. Self-driving cars typically use eight cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors, and a powerful onboard software system to provide semi-autonomous capabilities on interstates and local roads. These days, many autonomous vehicles use LiDAR (light detection and ranging) instead of cameras. The National […]


Welcome to Dissecting Technology Dissecting Technology focuses on educating you on the latest research in information technology, particularly in artificial intelligence, with a major focus on computer vision. Today on dissecting technology, I will be educating you on the topic “Imagen” DEFINITION OF TERMS IMAGEN “Imagen” is one of the Google research projects on CVPR […]

Future-Proof Accounting Technologies that get you noticed and job-fit

Professional business practices have evolved and will continue to change as a result of technological trends, including accounting. Accountants are in great demand since businesses rely on data to determine their level of success.  Accounting procedures, like many other professional business practices, have changed over time as a direct result of developments in technology and […]

Project Management Basics

Today, product management is considered a “luxury career.” Everyone in the technology space who is worth their salt, knows their onion, either work with or aspires to be a Product person… for what’s a product without a hungry market? . . . . . In today’s online age, it begs the question, “Why is product […]