Creating job opportunities in Tech space

We provide internship opportunity for learners by offering them a job role available on Favored Online and via our partnering companies.

We understand the high demands for experienced tech professionals and so, we opt-in to fill-in the gap. We are committed to the total developments of upcoming tech professionals from his/her starting point to self-actualization.

This Internship program is not automatic for all learners but it is made available to all learners interested in having a real-time working experience with us.


  1. You must have attended our career path in tech training; click here to learn more…
  2. You must career path in tech certificate
  3. You must have a laptop
  4. You must have access to the internet
  5. You must have completed your learning program on Favored Online (ONLY)
  6. You must be willing to engage in community services such as motivating and encouraging people on Favored Online Community

Kindly read the requirement above before applying