Not Technical? Can’t code? No Problem!

You’ve done so great joining the last Product Management & Fundamentals In Accounting Software training, and you can access the replay anytime, and at your pace, but now, there’s something even better😎 (drumrolls 🥁🥁)


Product management is the process of defining what a company will build, how it will be built, who is going to build it, and why.

Product managers are responsible for ensuring that a product has a clear market need, that there’s enough data available to meet those requirements and that the product will be developed in an efficient way.

The job market is expanding, start ups are sprouting, more and more vacancies are made available and salaries are on the rise. Every major company wants an agile Product Manager on their team. The advanced PM course will expose you to real-time projects. This will help you garner enough experience to land your first PM gig. 

While getting your first Product Management gig can be a seamless transition, you’ve got to learn from experts in the field. These experts can show you relevant skills and processes that takes what you have right now to the next level.

  • Are you a natural communicator and a great listener?
  • Do you love to solve complex problems and figure out elegant, simple solutions, creating products people love and want to use?

If that’s you, then this course is for you! Simply click here and we will reserve your spot in the next PM training coming up soon.

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