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About Me

Opeyemi Taiwo Adeniran is a software and artificial intelligence engineer. She is passionate about collaborating to solve organizational and community problems, and she was selected as a Google Women Techmakers Ambassador due to her leadership and dedication to using artificial intelligence to solve local community problems. She was also named a Global AI community lead for her contributions.

Opeyemi has worked as a data scientist and an AI engineer with companies, including Omdena Inc. as an AI evangelist and partnership manager, and is presently a graduate student researcher at the National Science Foundation (NSF), where she develops experiments on computer architecture courses.

Opeyemi is currently pursuing her Masters in Advanced Computing at Morgan State University in the United States, and she holds professional certifications in data science from IBM and AI from Microsoft, as well as 13 course certificates in deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision from learning organizations.

Opeyemi also enjoys assisting people who want to pursue a career in information technology and founded the Favored Online Skills Acquisition Network, an online tech community that educates people pursuing a career in information technology.

Projects Done

    Work Experience

    Graduate Research Assistance (Jan. 2022 - Present)

    Employer: National Science Foundation (Morgan State University),

    Location: Baltimore, MD

    • Develop an experiment for each topic on computer architecture, including logic gates, multiplexers, adders, subtractors, registers, and ALUs.
    • Analyze the data obtained on each experiment along with the student's MLSQ using Excel and SPSS.
    • Collaborate with professors to develop and publish research on the experiment.

    AI Evangelist and Partnership Manager (Nov. 2021 - Apr. 2022)

    Employer: Omdena Inc.,

    Location: New York, NY

    • Forged alliances with educational institutions that increased the Omdena community's size to over 100 persons each month.
    • Established a partnership with Dataquest to offer 500 scholarships per month to the Omdena community for enrollment in Data Science Pro courses, with a projected annual value of $500,000.
    • Spoke on both national and worldwide platforms, educating audiences about AI, how to get started, how to construct a successful project, and how to use AI for good.

    AI Engineer (Aug. 2021 - Nov. 2021)

    Employer: Infinion Technologies,

    Location: Lagos, Nigeria

    • Developed an interactive chatbot for African banks using the Microsoft Bot Framework, Python libraries Matplotlib, Pandas, Sklearn, Numpy, and Keras, and Microsoft Azure.
    • Worked on the deployment of a ChatBot using APIs on online and mobile applications designed as a solution for the customer care department of banks in Africa.
    • Developed educational training materials to introduce AI and ML to the software, data, and business development teams during our weekly meetings

    Data Scientist (July 2019 - Aug. 2021)

    Employer: Tech4Dev,

    Location: Lagos, Nigeria

    • Used Tableau and its calculated fields for analysis, dashboards for data visualization, and stories to engage with stakeholders.
    • Created a machine learning model to make conclusions and give clients advice depending on their company objectives.
    • Performed ETL on client data using python libraries like Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy, and Sklearn to uncover insights and patterns.

    Faculty Instructor & Hardware Engineer (Nov. 2016 - Sept. 2018)

    Employer: Idea Konsult Limited, Location: Ibadan, Nigeria

    Faculty Instructor

    • Taught students how to build websites using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
    • Taught students C, C++, and C#.
    • Organized and managed the management of student projects in association with other faculties.
    • For each course, reports were created and student performance was assessed.

    Hardware Engineer

    • Computer Repair
    • Software Installation and Troubleshooting
    • Biometric device installation for clients and staff training
    • Computing sales and technical advices for customers

    Volunteer Experience

    Founder: Morgan TechFest (Oct. 2022 - Present)

    Morgan TechFest / Computer Science Department

    • Developed a strategic partnership with the computer science department and tech giant organizations.
    • Worked with a team to develop a structured program that educates students on the impact of technology on their career path.
    • By bringing professors, NSF representatives, and representatives from industrial tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Roku, Fanemae, Goldman Sachs, JOS, and HBCU x20x20 on a panel and to networking sessions, we were able to foster networking and strengthen opportunities for morgan students.

    Community Lead: Global AI Hub (Apr. 2022 - Present)

    • Provide mentorship for community members developing a career in Data/Artificial Intelligence

    Ambassador: Google Women Techmakers (Sept. 2021 - Present)

    • Lead group of AI Engineers to develop solutions geared towards solving real-world community problems.
    • Organize workshop trainings on AI/ML
    • Speak and educate people about AI/ML via social media and events.

    Founder: Favored Online Skills Acquisition Network (July 2018 - Present)

    Software Engineer

    • Developed and launched a dedicated web server that hosts the company's website and emails using AWS cloud services.
    • Developed and customized the organization's website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, and WordPress.
    • Edited and customized plugins to meet the organization's design preferences by writing codes and using editors.

    Business Owner

    • Created an online community of tech professionals from all over the world with a membership of about 1000 people
    • Organized online training programs to educate people interested in developing a career in information technology.
    • Develop an online learning platform that provides job opportunities for people who are skilled and interested in teaching.
    • Partnered with an NGO to provide scholarship opportunities for women starting a career in tech.
    • Free internship opportunity organized through mentoring people in various fields of information technology. 

    Lagos, Nigeria, Chapter Lead (June 2021 - Present)


    • Lead group of 40 AI Engineers to develop a machine learning model that identifies areas without electricity access along with their population.
    • Lead group of 30 AI Engineers to develop a recommendation system that suggests jobs and skills to graduates based on their profile.


    Hard Skills

    C, C++, C#, Python
    Matplotlib, Pandas, Scipy, Numpy, Seaborn
    NLTK, Sklearn, Seaborn, Keras, Tensorflow
    HTML , CSS, JavaScript, MysQL, PHP
    Microsoft Bot Framework, Microsoft Azure , AWS Cloud
    Amazon SageMaker, IBM Watson Studio
    SPSS, Tableau
    Computer Hardware, Networking,

    Soft Skills

    Product Owner
    Project Management
    Team work
    Problem solving


    2023 IBM Masters Fellowship Award

    IBM Masters Fellowships are awarded to students from historically Black colleges and universities in the United States.

    NETFLIX Advanced Data Science Bootcamp 2022

    I was chosen from among students studying computer science and business to participate in the Netflix Advanced Data Science Bootcamp, which is held throughout the fall semester.

    CVPR'22 Travel Grant2022 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

    I was one of four computer science students selected by IEEE to attend the largest and best computer vision pattern recognition conference in the world in 2022.

    National Blockchain and Fintech Conference Travel Grant 2022

    I was chosen, along with a select group of other students from Morgan State University, and granted a scholarship to attend the third annual national blockchain and fintech conference this year in Florida.

    Highlights from some of my speaking engagements

    My Certificates

    Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals · Microsoft
    Artificial Intelligence Foundations – Machine Learning · Linkedin
    Introduction to Deep Learning with OpenCV · Linkedin
    Amazon Web Services Machine Learning Essential Training · Linkedin
    Advanced NLP with Python for Machine Learning · Linkedin
    NLP with Python for Machine Learning Essential Training · Linkedin
    Processing Text with Python Essential Training · Linkedin
    Data Ingestion with Python · Linkedin
    Deep learning: Image recognition · Linkedin
    Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Network Essential Training · Linkedin Data Science Professional Certificate · IBM
    Processing Text with Python Essential Training · Linkedin
    Building Intelligent Chatbots on AWS · Linkedin
    Professional Certificate in Project Management (PMP) · British Project Management Academy

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