Two internship positions Available



There are many benefits to internships for both undergraduates and graduates seeking to build their skills and begin their careers. An internship is training for a short period of time, offered by employers (sometimes paid and sometimes not) to enable students, fresh graduates, or inexperienced professionals to gain the required skills.

The gap in Nigeria’s industry between new entrants and experienced workers is enormous; the best way to bridge the gap is to expose new entry-level workers to industrial tech skills that will enable them to perform well in their roles and make a good impression at work.

If you have learned certain skills, the application is needed. This will give you enough experience that it will help your performance. Our goal is to create a working space that will accommodate various tech-skilled people to practice and prove themselves saleable to the industry across the globe.

Our platform is ready to work with skilled people to join our great team through our 6-month entry-level internship. Work mode: online/freelance

Application is open till August 30th, 2022.

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